This is a customized theme using liquid. The navigation bar has been moved to the far left using a Foundation side-nav element and the liquid variables "search_bar" and "navigation_list". Immediately to the left I included an image I uploaded to the project using the filter "{{'file_name.jpg' | image_tag: project }}". With "file_name.jpg" being the name of the file and "project" being the provided variable for the current project.

Featured Narratives

Above I have displayed my featured narratives using the carouselize filter.
example: {{featured_narratives | carouselize: 'narrative'}}
I have included the arrow navigation by passing in the same name 'narrative' to the carousel_nav filter.
example: {{'narrative' | carousel_nav}}

Recent News

This is a second news post   mark, 2016-09-16
This is a demo news post   mark, 2016-09-12